JCDL Conference 2008


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Session 1: Automatic Tools for Digital Libraries

Chair: Frank McCown (Harding University)

Enhancing Digital Libraries Using Missing Content Analysis
David Carmel, Elad Yom-Tov and Haggai Roitman
Building a Dynamic Lexicon from a Digital Library
David Bamman and Gregory Crane
On Content-Driven Search—Keyword Suggesters for Literature Digital Libraries
Sulieman Bani-Ahmad and Gultekin Ozsoyoglu
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Unsupervised Semantic Markup of Literature for Biodiversity Digital Libraries
Hong Cui

Session 2: Users Lost in Information

Chair: Catherine C. Marshall (Microsoft)

Seeking information in realistic books: A user study
Veronica Liesaputra and Ian Witten
Understanding Cultural Heritage Experts’ Information Seeking Needs
Alia Amin, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Lynda Hardman and Annelies van Nispen
The Myth of Find: User Behaviour and Attitudes Towards the Basic Search Feature
Fernando Loizides and George Buchanan
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
A Longitudinal Study of Exploratory and Keyword Search
Max L. Wilson and m.c. schraefel

Session 3: Education

Chair: Richard Furuta (Texas A&M University)

Exploring Educational Standard Alignment: In Search of 'Relevance'
Rene Reitsma, Byron Marshall and Michael Dalton
From NSDL 1.0 to NSDL 2.0: Towards a Comprehensive Cyberinfrastructure for Teaching and Learning
David McArthur and Lee Zia
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Cross-Disciplinary Molecular Science Education in Introductory Science Courses: An NSDL MatDL Collection
David Yaron, Jodi Davenport, Michael Karabinos, Gaea Leinhardt, Laura Bartolo, John Portman, Cathy Lowe, Donald Sadoway, W. Craig Carter and Colin Ashe
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Curriculum Overlay Model for Embedding Digital Resources
Huda Khan, Keith Maull and Tamara Sumner

Session 4: Geography and Trust on the Web

Chair: Greg Janee (University of California at Santa Barbara)

Gazetiki: Automatic Creation of a Geographical Gazetteer
Adrian Popescu, Gregory Grefenstette and Pierre Alain Moëllic
Discovering GIS Sources on the Web using Summaries
Ramaswamy Hariharan, Bijit Hore and Sharad Mehrotra
SocialTrust: Tamper-Resilient Trust Establishment in Online Communities
James Caverlee, Ling Liu and Steve Webb

Panel 1: NSDL: Past, Present, Future

Paul Conway, University of Michigan (moderator)
Kathleen Koch, NSDL Middle School Portal
Kim Lightle, Ohio State University
David McArthur, GoH LLC
David Yaron, Carnegie Mellon University
Lee Zia, National Science Foundation

In this session, panelists will highlight early drivers and themes in the development of NSDL and also present experiences "from the field" in the use of different content and services of NSDL in various educational settings -- both in the K-12 sector and in higher education. There will also be discussion of future directions for NSDL set in the context of NSF's larger emphasis on developing and providing cyberinfrastructure for the research and education enterprise.

Session 5: Preservation and Archiving

Chair: Ray R. Larson (University of California, Berkley)

Personal & SME Archiving
Stephan Strodl, Florian Motlik, Kevin Stadler and Andreas Rauber
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Recovering a Website's Server Components from the Web Infrastructure
Frank McCown and Michael Nelson
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
A Data Model and Architecture for Long-Term Preservation
Greg Janee, Justin Mathena and James Frew
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Session 6: It's the Metadata, Stupid

Chair: Edward Fox (Virginia Tech)

HarvANA - Harvesting Community Tags to Enrich Collection Metadata
Jane Hunter, Imran Khan and Anna Gerber
Semi Automated Metadata Extraction for Preprints Archives
Emma Tonkin and Henk Muller
A Metadata Generation System for Scanned Scientific Volumes
Xiaonan Lu, James Z. Wang and C. Lee Giles
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Session 7: Expanding Search

Chair: Gary Marchionini (University of North Carolina)

Exploring a Digital Library through Key Ideas
Billl N. Schilit and Okan Kolak
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Math Information Retrieval: User Requirements and Prototype Implementation
Jin Zhao, Min-Yen Kan and Yin Leng Theng
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
A Competitive Environment for Exploratory Query Expansion
David Milne, David Nichols and Ian Witten
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Panel 2: Digital Libraries and the Global Economy: National and International Perspectives on the Knowledge Universe

Jill Cousins, The European Library and the European Digital Library
Christopher Greer, US National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development
Joyce Ray, Institute of Museum and Library Services (moderator)
Jean Sykes, London School of Economics, representing the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee
Max Voegler, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)/German Research Foundation

A US report issued in August 2007 by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Leadership Under Challenge: Information Technology R&D in a Competitive World, states that “leadership in science and technology—and networking and information technology (NIT) in particular—is essential to the Nation’s global competitiveness and economic prosperity.” To what extent do national interests compete against the interests of other entities such as multinational corporations and organizations, and of the public good, in the global economy? How do policies on access to digital content and services affect downstream markets? Can universal access to information fuel sustainable worldwide economic growth? Panelists will describe the priorities of their respective organizations and discuss these larger questions in a national and international context.

Session 8: Video by the People, for the People

Chair: Michael Christel (Carnegie Mellon University)

How people find videos
Sally Jo Cunningham and David M. Nichols
Selection and Context Scoping for Digital Video Collections: An Investigation of YouTube and Blogs
Robert Capra, Christopher Lee, Gary Marchionini, Terrell Russell, Chirag Shah and Fred Stutzman
A Study of Awareness in Multimedia Search
Robert Villa, Nick Gildea and Joemon Jose

Session 9: Best Paper Finalists

Best Paper:

Catherine C. Marshall, "From Writing and Analysis to the Repository: Taking the Scholar’s Perspective in Scholarly Arch."

Best Student Paper:

Yi Huang and Michael S. Brown, "User-Assisted Ink-Bleed Correction for Handwritten Documents."

Chair: Mor Naaman (Yahoo!)

Towards usage-based impact metrics: first results from the MESUR project
Johan Bollen, Herbert Van de Sompel and Marko A. Rodriguez
Evaluating the Contributions of Video Representation for a Life Oral History Collection
Michael Christel and Michael Frisch
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
From Writing and Analysis to the Repository: Taking the Scholars’ Perspective on Scholarly Archiving
Catherine C. Marshall
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Session 10: Content from Documents

Chair: Michael Khoo (Drexel University)

User-Assisted Ink-Bleed Correction for Handwritten Documents
Yi Huang and Michael S. Brown
CRF-Based Authors' Name Tagging for Scanned Documents
Manabu Ohta and Atsuhiro Takasu
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Automatic Information Extraction from 2-Dimensional Plots in Digital Documents
William Browuer, Saurabh Kataria, Sujatha Das, Prasenjit Mitra and C. Lee Giles
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
A simple method for citation metadata extraction using hidden Markov models
Erik Hetzner
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Session 11: Data from the Web

Chair: Simeon Warner (Cornell Information Science)

Identification of Time-Varying Objects on the Web
Satoshi Oyama, Kenichi Shirasuna and Katsumi Tanaka
Using Web Information for Creating Publication Venue Authority Files
Denilson Alves Pereira, Berthier Ribeiro-Neto, Nivio Ziviani and Alberto H. F. Laender
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Application of Kalman Filters to Identify Unexpected Change in Blogs
Paul Bogen, Joshua Johnston, Unmil Karadkar, Richard Furuta and Frank Shipman

Session 12: Platforms and Users in Digital Libraries

Chair: José Luis Borbinna (Technical University of Lisbon)

NCore: Architecture and Implementation of a Flexible, Collaborative Digital Library
Dean Krafft, Aaron Birkland and Ellen Cramer
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Acceptance and Use of Electronic Library Services in Ugandan University
Prisca Tibenderana
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Portable Digital Libraries on an iPod: Beyond the client-server model
David Bainbridge, Steve Jones, Sam McIntosh, Matt Jones and Ian Witten
Annotated Program Examples as First Class Objects in an Educational Digital Library
Peter Brusilovsky, Michael Yudelson and I-Han Hsiao

Session 13: Beyond Text

Chair: Adrian Popescu (CEA LIST)

Annotating Historical Archives of Images
Xiaoyue Wang, Lexiang Ye, Eamonn Keogh and Christian Shelton
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
sLab: Smart Labeling of Family Photos Through an Interactive Interface
Ehsan Fazl-Ersi, I. Scott MacKenzie and John K. Tsotsos
Autotagging to Improve Text Search for 3D Models
Corey Goldfeder and Peter Allen
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Slide Image Retrieval: A Preliminary Study
Guo Min Liew and Min-Yen Kan
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Perception-based Online News Extraction
Jinlin Chen and Keli Xiao
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Session 14: Archiving and Web Tools for Digital Libraries

Chair: Chirag Shah (University of North Carolina)

Plato: a service-oriented decision support system for preservation planning
Christoph Becker, Hannes Kulovits, Andreas Rauber and Hans Hofman
Usage Analysis of a Public Website Reconstruction Tool
Frank McCown and Michael Nelson
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation
Using Web Metrics to Analyze Digital Libraries
Michael Khoo, Joe Pagano, Anne Washington, Mimi Recker, Bart Palmer and Robert Donahue
A Lightweight Metadata Quality Tool
David Nichols, Chu-Hsiang Chan, David Bainbridge, Dana McKay and Michael Twidale
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Session 15: Interfaces and Navigation

Chair: Gene Golovchinsky (FX Palo Alto Laboratory)

Improving Navigation Interaction in Digital Documents
George Buchanan and Tom Owen
Keeping Narratives of a Desktop to Enhance Continuity of On-going Tasks
Youngjoo Park and Richard Furuta
Note-Taking, Selecting, and Choice: Designing Interfaces that Encourage Smaller Selections
Aaron Bauer and Kenneth Koedinger
A Fedora Librarian Interface
David Bainbridge and Ian Witten