JCDL Conference 2008


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Keynote Speakers

Bill Buxton

Tuesday, June 17, 8:30-10:00am

Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton is a designer and a researcher concerned with human aspects of technology.  His work reflects a particular interest in the use of technology to support creative activities such as design, film making and music.  Buxton's research specialties include technologies, techniques and theories of input to computers,  technology mediated human-human collaboration, and ubiquitous computing.

In December 2005, he was appointed Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Prior to that, he was Principal of his own Toronto-based boutique design and consulting firm, Buxton Design, where his time was split between working  for clients, lecturing, and trying to finish a long-delayed book on sketching and interaction design. As well, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, where he still works with graduate students.  More...

Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg

Wednesday, June 18, 8:30-10:00am

Fernanda Viégas Martin Wattenberg

Shakespeare, God, and Lonely Hearts:
Transforming Data Access with Many Eyes

Data visualization has historically been accessible only to the elite in academia, business, and government. It is “serious” technology done by experts for experts. But in recent years, web-based visualizations—ranging from political art projects to news stories—have reached audiences of millions. Unfortunately, while lay users can view many sophisticated visualizations, they have few ways to create them. In order to “democratize” visualization, we have built Many Eyes, a web site where people may upload their own data, create interactive visualizations, and carry on conversations. By making these tools available to anyone on the web, the site fosters a social style of data analysis that empowers users to engage with public data through discussion and collaboration. Political discussions, citizen activism, religious conversations, game playing, and educational exchanges are all happening on Many Eyes. As we will discuss in this talk, the public nature of these visualizations provides users with a transformative path to information literacy.

Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg are research scientists in the Visual Communication Lab at IBM. Having created traditional visualization tools for a number of years, the two became fascinated by the power of the web to unleash collective discovery and discussion among lay users. More...

Alex Szalay

Thursday, June 19, 8:30-10:00am

Alex Szalay

Scientific Publishing in the Era of Petabyte Data
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation

Today’s scientific datasets are growing into Petabytes. A similar transition is happening in industry and society. Web search companies have to deal routinely with tens of Petabytes, a substantial fraction of the world’s computers go into data warehouses of the Big 5. Scientists, librarians and publishers are just beginning to grasp the magnitude and multi-faceted nature of the problems facing us. Every step of the usual scientific process will need to change and change soon. Science in the 21st century will require a different set of skills than previously, more computational and algorithmic thinking and more interdisciplinary interaction will be hallmarks of a successful scientist. The talk will present the challenges and trends in this "brave new world". More...