JCDL Conference 2008


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Riverboat Banquet, The Majestic


The Majestic will sail from the Convention Center Dock, conveniently located within a ten-minute walk from the Conference Hotel.  There will be JCDL staff and volunteers along the way in case you have questions.

  1. Leave the back of the hotel and go to William Penn Way/Cherry Way.  Turn RIGHT.
  2. Stay on William Pen Way/Cherry Way – it dead-ends onto 10th Street.  Turn LEFT.
  3. You will cross over Liberty Avenue
  4. You will cross over Penn Avenue
  5. You will now see 10th Street split…2 lanes coming from the river toward you, and 2 lanes going toward the river.
  6. At this split … under the Convention Center … you will see a walkway with an “S” shape leading down to our dock.
  7. Head down this gentle slope to the Majestic